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Automated ships are unmanned ships. This means that they automatically repair systems over time and have no oxygen on board, do note that rooms with hull breaches will not be repaired as putting out fires/repairing hull breaches is a higher repair priority than repairing the subsystem, and the AI ships have no way of repairing said breaches.

Be careful if you're using boarding as a way of taking out some initial systems (e.g. Shields), since you will need an at least level 2 teleporter to be able to teleport 100 health crew members back before suffocating . Rock and Crystal members can last a little longer due to their higher health and respective abilities, thus with these the boarding is survivable even with level 1 teleporter. With a level 3 teleporter you can board even with Zoltan members if you have no other race. Lanius members, of course, can board these ships without a problem because they don't need oxygen. The Emergency Respirators augment will also let you board and retrieve any crew before they die, even a Zoltan with a level 1 teleporter.

Auto Scout

Auto-Scout Edit

blueprint: AUTO_BASIC

Hull Strength: 5-13



Auto-Surveyor Edit

blueprint: AUTO_BASIC_DLC

Hull Strength: 5-13




Auto-Assault Edit

blueprint: AUTO_ASSAULT

Hull Strength: 7-15


Auto-Hacker Edit


Hull Strength: 7-15



These Automated Ships can have any of the following weapons:

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Automated Ships equipped with a Drone Control can have any of the following drones:

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