BackupBatteryCircle The Backup Battery is a Sub-System that can be activated to increase the power of your reactor for 30 seconds by 2 power bars. 2 more bars can be gained by upgrading the system. With Advanced Edition content enabled, it can be bought from stores like most other systems.

  • Battery power has no relation to your ship's reactor and can even bring energy above the maximum power level when active (normally 25 power bars).
  • Power invested from the Battery is represented differently than normal power bars, with a thick white border around it.
    • Battery power is removed first and allocated last, after normal reactor power is depleted.
  • The power boost will otherwise act like a normal power bar and when it runs out, it will be as if you removed power from a system. This can cause activated systems (such as Cloaking or Mind Control) to deactivate and begin cooldown prematurely, for good or ill.
  • The battery is immediately reset and recharged by an FTL jump.
  • The Battery will work in conjunction with Zoltan crew members.
  • Cooldown time (after it has been used) is 20 seconds for both level 1 and 2. No reactor energy is actually required to recharge the battery.
  • It can also be used to complete the Zoltan Cruiser achievement "Givin' her all she's got, Captain!"
  • Reactor energy is normally locked into a system while it is on cool down. Battery energy circumvents this limitation; the system restores normally even after battery power ends. This makes the Backup Battery a great option for powering temporary systems such as cloaking and Mind Control.

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