When I bought FTL, I expected it to be a short fun action packed game! I soon came to rename it Forver inTerminable
2016-01-06 - Valley Forge(Champteach)

Like all videogames I played in the passed. I soon found myself to be playing at the wroing times: during near years, when I was supposed to see my friends, I even called in sick one day so I could play. 

I have a videogame addiction. I lose control when I play too much. My mind because to reason itself for why I should keep playing. Next thing you know my resistance shields are down and I find myself playing until the wee hours of morning. 

I stopped cold Turkey for 6 years because I couldn't handle it. I even sometimes would binge play. I feel ashamed at the end of my playing time like I have wasted on life.

I've recently started again and am losing control. I'm also tired not not being in control of something that seems so simple! This is my last solution before stopping cold turkey again.

So here is my challenge for addicted or non addicted gamers who want to rise to the challenge. 2 MOVES A DAY! It's about 15minutes with any other game. Personally, this is my cut off for any game. It's *just* enough to resist temptation. If I touch the game later in the day, I lose control of my life during that day.

I've been able to much more enjoy FTL as a strategy game and have a more pleasureful experience. For example, I get up 20 minutes early every morning and play my 2 FTL moves drinking my coffee. Then I am able to focus on my day.   

I just started a new game after a lamentable replase. This is my ship. I will be dead honest if I relapse or not. I encourage you who are interested to post your thoughts as well. Day 1!

If you have an idea on how we can monitor each other, I'm open. I was thinking of a chat room style forum.  

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