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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Rock Controlled Sector

A Mantis ship here is adorned with Rock body parts! it would be a gorier display if they had internal organs, but the message is clear enough: this is a hunter of a very specialised kind.

  1. Attack!
    • No species deserves a Mantis hunter on their back - time to make the galaxy a little safer. Engage!
      • Fight a Mantis Fighter
  2. Ignore them.
    • The Mantis take no interest in your ship - they're lying in wait for the next Rock ship to venture through. You're able to spin up the engines and jump at your leisure.
  3. (Rock Plating) Ram the bastards.
    • Before they have a chance, you ram your ship into theirs causing irreparable damage to their engines. Luckily your ship's armored hull is hardly dented from the impact. The Mantis pull away and you prepare to chase them.
      • Fight a Mantis Fighter with its engines disabled.
  4. (Rock Crew) Put your Rock crew member on the comm.
    • The two aliens face one another over the vidscreen. "Cave-dwelling pebble-man!" yells the furious Mantis captain. "See, I paint my ship with your companions! I paint my ship with you!"
      • Fight a Mantis Fighter
      • This usually causes 2 Mantis boarders to board your ship


This event has had bugs, and may be incomplete:

  • Ramming causes a system other than engines to be disabled
  • Even if you're in a Rock Cruiser when using the "Ignore them" option, the Mantis take no interest in your ship.
  • The Rock Ship blue option requires you to have the Rock Plating Augmentation, but does not require that you be using a Rock Ship.

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