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Version 1.03.4? Edit

Release Date: some time before 2013-11-13

Minor Bugs:

  • Crew ordered to leave a room, then ordered to return before they have left will now return to their previously-occupied square, rather than filling the room in the normal priority order.  As a consequence, crew may no longer be reshuffled within a room while paused - they must exit the door before returning in order to fill by normal priorities.

Version 1.03.3 Edit

Release Date: 2013-05-23


  • You can now retrieve crew from a room when teleporting even if they are shooting at a door or walking, limit of 4 per teleport.
  • If you're carrying the Crystal alien from the stasis pod, the Rock Homeworld map will start with the appropriate quest marker to for the beacon that leads to the Crystal sector.
  • The Crystal Lockdown bomb is now available as a drop (from enemies or in Stores) in Rock sectors.
  • Shield Skill will level up when the shields absorb a hit, not when they recharge. This prevents turning the shields on/off to level up.

Major Bugs:

  • Fixed: Bug that would sometimes cause an enemy ship not to get hit by asteroids in an asteroid field.
  • Fixed: Bug gave double rewards after victory when player teleporter was broken and crew 'used the shuttle'.
  • Jumping will now immediately provide invulnerability to solar flares, incoming boarding drones, and beams.
  • Can no longer open the ship upgrades screen in hostile situations using the hot key.
  • If the boss is destroyed, at that point game over will be blocked and your victory is assured even if your ship is exploding.
  • Blast Door health will properly regenerate on safe (no current boarders) jumps.
  • Boarding Drones will no longer be hit by projectiles after they've successfully landed.
  • Boarding Drones will no longer be destroyed upon Boss Ship Super Shield regeneration.
  • Waiting in a nebula will no longer remove the sensor dampening effect.
  • Fixed: Sometimes enemy boarders wouldn't pursue any targets and just stand around.

Minor Bugs:

  • Drones should no longer fly "into" the shields and fire past them.
  • Dying crewmembers will stay dead if you Save & Quit + Continue. They will also remain unselectable and unmovable as soon as dying animation starts.
  • Will no longer open the store / allow repair in the rare situation that you have 0 hull and should be dead.
  • Credits + Victory screen won't close if you accidentally tap a key - only escape will close it.
  • Missiles/lasers/asteroids/etc. will no longer collide with bombs since they are technically 'interior' objects.
  • The event where your crewmember goes crazy will have the correct race/name after going crazy.
  • You won't be able to waste your money choosing pointless repair choices at the repair station event.
  • Beam Weapons can now correctly cause breaches, but that will not come standard to current weapons to preserve balance so it's just for modders.
  • Interior console glow fixed to display correct colors for crew levels.
  • Combat/Defense drones will properly trigger blue event options.
  • Drone / missile counts can no longer go negative.
  • Modding to have more than 4 shield bars will no longer make asteroids ridiculously terrifying.
  • Crew will no longer continue repairing a breach if the room is on fire, the fire will take the correct priority (as the animation shows).
  • More grammar/typo fixes and minor animation/image polish.

Version 1.03.1 Edit

Release Date: 2012-12-21


  • Colorblind mode (available in options) makes many color pallette changes and adds additional symbols to help out our colorblind players. I apologize for the delay in getting this into the game!
  • Hotkeys added for many actions in the game, customizable from within the Options menu
  • Indicator for when the enemy is attempting to jump away (and if it's able to)
  • Cloaking will automatically cooldown in non-danger situations
  • You can now pause using the middle mouse button
  • Orange room borders for very low O2 have been replaced with hazard stripes on the floor
  • Ctrl+click (customizable in Options) when aiming will allow you to specify a single weapon to auto-fire (or not auto-fire if auto-fire button is toggled)
  • Minor balance change: System Repair drones power requirement reduced to 1

Major Bugs:

  • Cloaking will provide the +60 evasion even if you don't have a pilot
  • Beams will correctly damage crew (and start fires if the Fire Beam)
  • Odd numbered Shield Systems will now properly repower after ionization
  • Tough Little Ship, Astronomically Low Odds, and all of the Crystal Cruiser achievements fixed
  • Repair/Anti-Personel Drones will always properly disappear whenever unequipped (or sold) - this will let you unequip them to make room for repair men if you system is destroyed
  • Potential fix for rare crash when selecting weapons

Minor Bugs:

  • Fixed: Zoltan Bonus power wouldn't update while paused for drones
  • Federation Cruiser Artillery cooldown imagery properly updates during pause
  • Fixed: Sometimes incorrectly displays the teleporter/shuttle text when your crew dies after battle
  • All enemies (including boarders) will now have names
  • Tooltips will properly clear when events/sub-windows open
  • System limits/effects caused by events (or nebulas) update upon arrival, not after the event
  • Cloaking system glow fixed
  • Zoltan Trade hub event fixed - blue option will actually do something now
  • Fixed: Quest beacon tooltips were sometimes innacurate
  • More Typos/Grammar Fixes

Version 1.02.6 Edit

Release Date: 2012-09-30

  • Fixed some texture rendering issues on Mac OS X and older Windows/Linux machines
  • Fullscreen - FTL Native Resolution fixed to accurately provide the pre-1.02 Fullscreen method for older PCs
  • Tough Little Ship Achievement fixed
  • Fixed exploit that allowed player crew to walk through enemy blast doors, which is also a potential fix for the AI bug of walking through walls/doors (Thanks Unlucky Scarecrow!)
  • Defense Drones Don't Do D'Anything and Master of Patience Achievements potentially fixed
  • Protection against quests spawning at unreachable nodes
  • Crystal Weapons / Missile Weapons will accurately state the number of shots they fire per cooldown
  • Minor UI help - clearer tooltips for Cloaking/Teleporting and hotkey numbers for drones
  • More event/descriptions/tooltip typos fixed

Version 1.02.5 Edit

Release Date: 2012-09-27

  • Restored functionality to those that don't support certain OpenGL features
  • Fixed Zoltan shield display
  • Added some additional logging/overrides to help in support

New Content:

  • Slug random encounter: overhear two slug ships in a nebula. If you eavesdrop on their comms chatter, you get a quest marker.
  • (Need more info!)

Version 1.02 Edit

Compatibility Changes:

  • Older laptops experiencing "overly pixelated" or distorted images should now function
  • MacBooks with ATI X1600 video cards will potentially function both in fullscreen and windowed. I do not have access to a MacBook with that video card, so if you're experiencing that problem please update me!
  • Mac OS X version now implements Left-Ctrl+Left-Click to be equivalent to Right-Click

Fullscreen Changes:

  • Fullscreen stretch now works differently and should be more effective at properly "stretching" to fill your screen
  • Monitors that support 2560x1440 should be properly scaling and look much better (I'm jealous)
  • Monitors with resolutions less than 1280x720 may now function in Fullscreen Stretched depending on your OpenGL support
  • A more elaborate manual mode is available for tweaking your desired resolution effect within settings.ini

Additional Video Settings:

  • V-Sync can be activated within options mode. Depending on your system, you still might need to force it on or off from your video card control panel as well.
  • Frame limiting is also available from the options. Between the two (V-Sync vs. Frame Limiting), pick the one that works best for you to balance performance and cpu use.

Additional Game Settings:

  • Within options you can enable paths to be drawn when hovering over a beacon.
  • Dialog keys will now have a brief delay before they are active, this can be disabled within the options.

Other Bugs:

  • Start Crash Fix: Sometimes unidentified USB devices could cause FTL to fail to start
  • Removed bugged weapon from the secret sector
  • Moving crewmembers will still teleport assuming they are in the room of their final destination
  • Killing the crew of an enemy ship will count as defeating it for stats
  • Selling the Zoltan Energy shield will no longer be bugged
  • Federation Ship will properly unlock on victory (and will unlock retroactively for those that experienced this bug)
  • Secret Cruiser Type B stealth imagery has been fixed
  • Fixed situation where a defense drone could become permanently powered
  • Energy Shield can no longer be damaged while jumping, preventing it from properly recharging
  • Fixed: Ion Storm and Nebula effects would disappear at beacons where you leave behind an enemy
  • Saving in sector maps can no longer sometimes cause you to skip a sector
  • Excess error message repeats removed
  • Repeated "victory" in Sector 1 after restart fixed
  • Possible fix for disappearing quests after Save & Quit
  • Possible fix for enemies jumping away despite destroyed piloting
  • Fixed freezing enemy AI when low on health and medbay is on fire
  • Save & Quit in a store will no longer reduce repair costs
  • Typos corrected in tooltips/weapons/events

Version 1.01 Edit

(Need more info!)

Version 1.0 Edit

(Need more info!)

There don't seem to be any patch notes, either on the game forums, or in the files. So, this page is going to have to be put together piecemeal.

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