This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Hidden Crystal Worlds

A pirate ship jumps in right after you arrive at the beacon. It must have followed once the Long-Range Beacon was reactivated. It almost charges a small Crystalline transport ship, weapons armed.

  1. Attack the pirate.
    • You chase down the pirate before it has a chance to engage the civilian ship. When it detects the real threat, it turns to face you.
  2. Ignore them.
    • You assume the Crystalline ship can handle itself. You have enough of your own problems.
      • Nothing happens.

Contact the Crystal shipEdit

  • You contact the Crystalline ship to hear, "It seems you have brought war to our doorstep. I hope you're not too surprised that we don't welcome you with open arms. I should kill you myself..." They cut communications.
    • Nothing happens.
  • The Crystalline ship messages you, "You're the one that opened our sector to the outside, aren't you! Bastards, my home was just overrun by your 'Rebels'. Just leave us in peace!" They quickly jump away.
    • Nothing happens.
  • You contact the other ship, "Thank you for your assistance. It's glad to know that not all of you foreigners are so barbaric. Take this as a reward."
  • The Crystalline ship hails you, "It's a good thing you came when you did. We appreciate the assistance. Please take this for your help."
  • The Crystalline ship messages you, "Thank you. We were not prepared for the savagery with which you aliens battle. We will give you one of our weapons if you intend on assisting our kind in the future."


This event is called "CRYSTAL_PIRATE_CRYSTAL" in the datafiles.

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