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There are seven commonly encountered Space-faring Races in the FTL universe, along with one unknown to galactic society (Crystal). Members of each race can be recruited as crew members and be more inclined to advance in certain skills over others.

Below compares the different races with one another, including special attributes each possess (including total health, repair speed, damage output, movement speed and unique abilities).

Comparison ChartEdit

Race Store Cost Health Repair Damage Movement Special
MaleHuman1FemaleHuman1 Humans 45 Ftlgame-scrap 100 1 1 1 -10% experience requirements
Engi1 Engi 50 Ftlgame-scrap 100 2 .5 1 +100% repair speed, -50% damage
Mantis2 Mantis 55 Ftlgame-scrap 100 .5 1.5 1.2 +50% damage, +20% movement, -50% repair
Rockmen2 Rockmen 55 Ftlgame-scrap 150 1 1 .5 Immune to fire, -50% movement
Zoltan2 Zoltan 60 Ftlgame-scrap 70 1 1 1 Adds 1 power to occupied system, explodes on death
Slug4 Slug 55 Ftlgame-scrap 100 1 1


Reveals adjacent rooms and crew of enemy ships, immune to mind-control
Crystal1 Crystal 65 Ftlgame-scrap 125 1 1 .8

Lockdown power, -50% suffocation damage, -20% movement

Lanius2 Lanius 50 Ftlgame-scrap 100 1 1 .8

Drains oxygen from occupied room, immune to suffocation, -20% movement


  • A "ghost" race is hidden within the FTL files. According to the events file, they were to have been encountered by the player's crew during the exploration of a wrecked "ghost ship". It was also suspected to be found in the cancelled "Quarantine" sector. The "ghost" race is available with savegame editors and some mods.
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