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Rebel Automated Ship Near Small Space-station

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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Civilian Sector
  2. Rebel Controlled Sector
  3. Rebel Stronghold
  4. Uncharted Nebula
  5. Slug Controlled Nebula
  6. Slug Home Nebula
    in a Nebula. Can also occur as a nebula filler event in any sector.

An advance rebel automated ship remains stationed near a small Rebel space-station. However, without functioning sensors it is impossible to tell what is inside.

  1. Attack the automated ship to get to the station.
  2. Avoid provoking the ship.
    • Nothing happens.
  3. (Cloaking) Attempt to stealthily access the space station.
  4. (Improved Cloaking) Use your stealth to access the space station. (Requires level 2 Cloaking)
  5. (Hacking) Try to hack the station to prevent an alert. [-1 Drone Part]
    • You successfully hack into the station and sever the connection to the automated ship. You access the station undetected.
    • You send a drone to hack the station but the automated ship notices and turns to attack!
  6. (Improved Hacking) Hack the station to prevent an alert. (Requires level 2 Hacking) [-1 Drone Part]
    • You successfully hack into the station and sever the connection to the automated ship, accessing the station completely undetected.

Fight an auto-ShipEdit

(After destroying enemy ship) You salvage what you can from the broken ship.

Investigate the stationEdit

  • The station was either abandoned or stripped clean. It seems to have lain unused for quite some time. You find nothing useful.
    • Nothing happens.
  • The station was apparently designed to outfit Rebel ships with Drone Systems. You find a functioning Schematic.
  • The station is a storage site for military grade weapons. You find one that can be easily attached to the ship.
  • The station is a storage site for various resources. You salvage everything possible.


This event is called "NEBULA_AUTO_DEFENSE_ITEM" in the datafiles.

This event is very similar to the nebula event: 'Rebel Automated Ship Near Storage Vessel' but is not identical: more blue options are present in this one.

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