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Sector Map

Sectors are zones in FTL: Faster Than Light, each containing roughly 20 beacons. There are currently five sector types in FTL:


Civilian SectorEdit

See Civilian Sector Events

"Welcome to a new sector! Get to the exit beacon and jump to the next sector before the pursuing Rebels catch you!"

In this sector you can find 2-3 stores, 2-3 various items, 1-2 empty spaces, 1-4 distress beacons, 1-3 quests, and 2-4 neutral and 6-8 hostile encounters. There are up to 10 nebula spaces.

Sector 1 is always a Civilian Sector.

Engi Controlled SectorEdit

See Engi Controlled Sector Events

"You have arrived in Engi space. The fall of the Federation has brought tough times for these robotic lifeforms, but they're usually willing to help."

In this sector you can find 2-4 stores, 5 various items, 1-2 empty spaces, 1-4 distress beacons, 1-2 quests, and 5-7 neutral and 5-7 hostile encounters.

Engi HomeworldsEdit

See Engi Homeworlds Events

"You have arrived in Engi space. The Mantis have been threatening the Engi core worlds, but you should be able to stock up for your journey."

Has the same composition as standard Engi Sector, but has guaranteed the special Engi Quest.

Zoltan Controlled SectorEdit

See Zoltan Controlled Sector Events

"You've entered Zoltan territory. This species is not renowned for giving anything for nothing, but you can always be assured a fair hearing."

Zoltan HomeworldsEdit

See Zoltan Homeworlds Events

"You arrive in Zoltan space. From what you have heard they anticipated the coming war and made preparations to hold their borders."

This sector can only occur once per game and only occurs at sector 3 or higher.


Mantis Controlled SectorEdit

See Mantis Controlled Sector Events

"You've entered a poorly charted area of space that's known to be home to the Mantis. Ensure your hull plating is up to scratch and that you have enough fuel in the tank to make it through."

In this sector you can find 1-2 stores, 1-2 various items, 2-3 empty spaces, 1-3 distress beacons, and 6-7 neutral and 7-9 hostile encounters.

Battles are more likely to have enemy boarders.

Sector specific tips:

  • When finding a non-hostile ship with one survivor, killing him gives a 50% chance of him turning into a boarder, but gives you a medium reward in all cases. Releasing him can cause a 50% chance to damage your hull for 3. If you have a mantis crew member, you can talk to him to recruit him with for a 50% chance, or revealing the map otherwise.
  • Gambling on Mantis gladiators is broken if you bet on Blue you will lose and try to run. Therefore if you want to bet, bet on red, it has 50% chance of doubling your money. If you lose and have Engines level 4, you can get back your bet, but you will have to fight your way out.
  • If you are unnoticed by a Mantis ship, Cloaking has 66% chance of escape, while just avoiding results in only a 33% chance.
  • If you decide to open an escape pod, you gain a new crew member in 66% of the time, and lose one in 33% of the time. If you lose, the occupant of the pod also attacks your ship.
    • If Advanced Edition content is enabled and the clone bay is powered during this event, then the lost crew member will instead respawn in the clone bay. However, the escape pod inhabitant will still need to be dealt with.

Mantis HomeworldsEdit

See Mantis Homeworlds Events

"You've entered a poorly charted area of space that's known to be home to the Mantis. Ensure your hull plating is up to scratch and that you have enough fuel in the tank to make it through."

This sector can only occur once per game and only occurs at sector 2 or higher.

Has the same composition as standard Mantis Sector, but has guaranteed the special Mantis Quest.

Pirate Controlled SectorEdit

See Pirate Controlled Sector Events

"A few years ago this region was bustling with trade activity. Now it is overrun with bandits and marauders. You should tread lightly here."

In this sector you can find 1-2 stores, 1-2 various items, 1-2 empty spaces, 1-2 distress beacons, 1-2 quests, and 5-6 neutral and 7-9 hostile encounters. There are up to 5 nebula spaces.

Sector specific tips:

  • Aiding the civilian ships lets you gain a crew member with 16% chance, repairs 5 damage with 16% chance, or gives you a low-medium quality item with 50% chance.
  • Bribe from pirate is a low-quality item. If you refuse, you get in 20% cases repair for 15, in 20% access to a store, in 20% some scrap and in 20% you will find that the civilian ship was a rebel ship. You can either destroy them for low quality item or persuade them to delay the fleet and get pursuit -1.
  • With engines level 6 you can out-run the slaver with 66% chance.
  • With teleporter you can steal a crew member of slaver for free with 66% chance. This prompts fight.
  • With piloting level 2 you can get rid of asteroids when pirate ambushes you in asteroid fields.
  • When you find a floating cargo ship, bringing cargo aboard produces 2-5 boarders in 50% cases, half of that a ship appears as a bonus. Remaining 50% give you low-medium level item. Scanning the cargo with sensors level 3, gives you a medium item or some scrap in 66% cases. Remaining 33% it is filled with boarders. If you kill them, a ship appears and attacks.

Rebel Controlled SectorEdit

See Rebel Controlled Sector Events

"This sector was bustling with activity just a few years ago. Now, more than half the beacons have been destroyed, many settlements have been abandoned and the Rebels patrol constantly."

Special type: 80% more rebel ship battles.

Rebel StrongholdEdit

See Rebel Stronghold Events

"This sector was hit hard by the rebellion. The many alien settlements and stations located here are now watched over by almost an equal number of Rebel bases, heavy-handedly 'keeping the peace'."

Similar to other Rebel sectors, but with more and stronger enemies. It also houses the construction yard for the infamous Rebel Flagship...

Rock Controlled SectorEdit

See Rock Controlled Sector Events

"The Rock people are a powerful and proud race. It is not unheard of to have a peaceful journey through their lands but don't count on it."

Safer than it sounds. Quite well Mantis-proofed.

Special Type: 60% less likely to have enemy boarders, 90% more likely to have enemy missiles or beam weapons.

The ships are very aggressive and tough. Rock ships tend to not run away. Most locals are rude and distrustful of outsiders, and will shun you.

Rock HomeworldsEdit

See Rock Homeworlds Events

"The Rock people have a particularly aggressive stance toward alien races trespassing in their space. You should tread carefully here."

This sector can only occur once per game and only occurs at sector 4 or higher.

Same as Rock Controlled Sector, only with the special Rock and Crystalline questlines.

Special Type: The Rock are known to be boastful. So boastful, in fact, they built a super mega ship to brag about. They, however, dislike other braggers and would rather prefer those who will die trying.

Abandoned SectorEdit

See Abandoned Sector Events

"This sector was the site of many major battles between the Federation and Rebel fleets. Strangely, there's very little evidence of these battles remaining..."

A new addition as of FTL: Advanced Edition, this sector is home to the Lanius, and many new, unique events.

The Last StandEdit

See The Last Stand Sector Events

Unique sector, always as sector 8, the final sector. There is no way around it.
  • At the beginning of this sector you meet headquarters and get 10 Fuel for free and are repaired for 10 hull points.
  • This will be the sector you fight The Rebel Flagship because it reaches the Headquarters sector with you.
  • The Rebel Fleet functions differently in this sector than in all other sectors: Rather than gradually moving en-masse from the left of the screen, individual beacons are conquered by the rebels while you move along, indicated by flashing red backgrounds. The beacon that the Flagship starts on will also flash red.
  • You need to move towards the Rebel Flagship to reach it before it comes into range of the Federation base. If it reaches it and stays there for 3 turns, the game will end.
  • You get free repairs, resources and scrap at beacons labelled 'repair'. This is your home sector, after all. You can reuse these beacons if you need to (Advanced FTL Navigation is very useful for this).
  • There may be a store in the sector somewhere, but it might get overrun by the rebel fleet, voided by the Flagship's trajectory, or be otherwise inaccessible due to time or space constraints.
  • You do not have enough time to visit each beacon, because the Rebel Flagship must not stay at the base beacon.
  • Some random encounters still occur on 'normal' beacons unlabelled by Long-Ranged Scanners.
  • There are no environmental hazards at first, but rebel controlled beacons have Anti-Ship Batteries.


It's worth noting that nebula sectors do not function like regular nebulae. In nebula sectors the Rebel Fleet will move almost as fast as in civilian and hostile sectors but with a small delay shorter than a regular nebula, due to them being prepared for a nebula sector.

Uncharted NebulaEdit

See Uncharted Nebula Events

"Nebulas were always dangerous places. Many electronics fail in these clouds. You will have to tread lightly."

Contains all races, but mostly humans. Slugs occur slightly more than other aliens.

In this sector you can find 1-2 stores, 1-3 various items, 4 empty spaces, 1-3 distress beacons, and 7-8 neutral and 5-6 hostile encounters.

Sector specific tips:

  • Cloaking enables you to ignore hidden rebels. Hoping for concealment has 33% chance of success, 33% chance of success and adding 1 pursuit, and 33% chance of failure. Engines level 4 can save you when you fail.
  • You can intimidate pirate ships with Weapons level 6 to get medium fuel as bribe.
  • Cloaking enables you to get a random low-mid level item from automated station with 75% chance.
  • Choosing "teleport" on the heavily damaged Federation event gives you 1 crew member and some scrap. Just helping them has 33% chance of getting a crew member, and 33% chance of a rebel fight instead.
  • Purchasing unknown weapon for 65 scrap has 10% chance of giving you a random weapon, but a 90% chance of them just taking your scrap and giving you the option of fighting them.
  • Rockman crew member guarantees you a high-level reward when encountering Rockmen transport.
  • Without sensors level 3, you have only 33% chance of engaging a spotted rebel ship. Also with 33% chance they alert the fleet and add 1 pursuit.
  • Escaping in plasma storm is 100% guaranteed with Cloak, and 50% guaranteed with Engines level 3.
  • Incapacitated ships in storm can give you high quality items. Manually searching has 20% chance of gaining a crew member, 20% chance of losing a crew member, 20% chance of 4 damage but gaining a high quality item, and 40% chance of gaining a medium quality drone or weapon. However with Piloting level 2, you have 25% chance of gaining a crew member, 25% chance of a medium quality drone and 25% chance of a low quality weapon.  [What is the last 25%?]

Slug Controlled NebulaEdit

See Slug Controlled Nebula Events

"The only thing that can render a nebula more dangerous is if it's also home to the Slugs. This nebula is just that."

Sector specific tips:

  • Get asked which system you like less: shields, weapons, or oxygen. You then get attacked by a powerful ship.
  • 51% chance of shop prices ludicrously high, but shop spawn-rate is doubled. You got a 49% chance of making a deal that benefits YOU instead of the Slugs. Just remember... as greedy as they are, they value their lives more than their inventory... but not by much; so don't push it.
  • Upgrade all of your basic systems to at least level two. That way if you encounter a slug that attempts to shut it down you can keep it running at one bar. If you can only afford one make sure you upgrade oxygen to level 2. Alternately, in the Advanced Edition, having hacking will allow you to tie up that system rather than whichever system the enemy tries to hack.

Slug Home NebulaEdit

See Slug Home Nebula Events

"The Slugs that live in this nebula field are a leisure-centered civilization. Everything in Slug life is done in the pursuit of more currency and more time in which to spend it on extravagant ventures. This, inevitably, leads to much treachery in open space."


Hidden Crystal WorldsEdit

See Hidden Crystal Worlds Events

Note: Due to game mechanics, the Rebels will continue to follow you through the sector.

"You arrive in a sector not listed in any star charts. Strange crystalline ships dot the horizon. Your companion speaks, "Here we are, my home sector. It has been a long time since others have set foot here, I wonder how you will be received."

The Hidden Crystal Worlds are filled with Crystal people and technology. Long an isolationist culture, their civilians can make easy prey for new arrivals. Crystalline technology interacts in strange ways with that of other species.

Note: The Crystal sector is unique in that it is not technically part of the map. Gameplay-wise, it is a standalone sector separate from Rock Homeworlds. In regards to the map, however, Hidden Crystal Worlds and Rock Homeworlds are treated as the same sector, as reaching the exit beacon in the Crystal sector prompts you to navigate to the next sector, and notably does not return you to the Ancient Device beacon.

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