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When you start a new game, a random tip pops up. These cover things not found in the tutorial level. They are:

  • Asteroids
    • Fighting in asteroid fields is dangerous, but use it to your advantage. Take out enemy shields and let the rocks take care of the rest.
  • Augmentations
    • Your ship can only hold 3 augmentations. They provide unique benefits to a system, the crew or the entire ship.
  • Autofire
    • Autofire will let a weapon maintain its target. Just keep an eye on your missile count!
  • Beams
    • Beam weapons do damage based on the number of rooms they hit. Each shield bubble will block 1 damage of a beam; it's best to use beams when their shields are down.
  • Boarding
    • If you're having trouble with boarders, fight within the medbay. If all else fails, vent the rest of the oxygen out of the ship!
  • Bomb Weapons
    • Bombs teleport directly onto either ship. They bypass Shields AND Defense Drones. However, they affect crew and Systems; they do no damage to the ships hull. They also can miss the target like missiles.
  • Breaches
    • If a room with a breach has no Oxygen, try opening all the doors surrounding it to make it less hazardous.
  • Choices
    • Results of most choices have multiple outcomes. You can never be sure what will happen.
  • Cloaking
    • Cloaking prevents enemies from firing on your ship or charging their weapons. It also causes all currently flying shots to miss your ship.
  • Death
    • Remember, losing is part of the fun! ... No, I'm serious...
  • Door Subsystem
    • Upgrading your doors once will greatly reduce the chance fire will spread between rooms. Upgrading them again will cause doors to significantly slow boarder movement.
  • Drones
    • If you're struggling against enemy drones, target the Drone System to temporarily disable them.
  • Exits
    • It's tempting to rush for the sector exits, but exploring is the only way to upgrade your ship. Try and get as much out of each sector as possible.
  • Evasion
    • Evading enemy shots is crucial, but it requires functioning engines AND a pilot. Having someone man the engines will increase your evasion as well.
  • Fire
    • If fire is spreading, consider opening airlocks and doors to vent the oxygen from parts of your ship. Fire is quickly extinguished without O2.
  • Font Size
    • Pressing +/- will increase and decrease the font size of event texts.
  • Fuel
    • Every jump consumes one unit of fuel, so keep an eye on your reserves. Buy fuel at stores to avoid being left stranded.
  • Grinding Sectors
    • It can be helpful to stay in a Sector as long as possible to upgrade the ship since each Sector is increasingly difficult.
  • Hidden Choices
    • When you see a blue colored choice in an event, it's a special option that has been made available by your current equipment. Blue choices are usually by far the best.
  • Hotkeys
    • You can charge or arm weapons using number hotkeys: The Weapon Slots are 1-4 on your keyboard, and the Drones are 5-7.
  • Power Bars
    • Upgraded systems can be helpful even if you don't have enough reactor power to use them; they still absorb one damage.
  • Rebel Fleet
    • The Rebel Fleet (represented by the red circle on the map) moves closer to your position every time you jump. Certain events can slow or speed up their movement speed.
  • Selling
    • Weapons, drones and augments can be sold for 1/2 the purchase price at stores. Grab them with your mouse and move them over the sell button in a store.
  • Sensors
    • If the ship goes dark, don't panic. Just fix the Sensors Subsystem.
  • Shield Piercing
    • Missiles ignore shields. Use missiles to damage a powerful ship's Shields System. Just remember that Defense Drones can shoot down missiles!
  • Sound
    • Go into the options menu to turn on or off the sound effects and music.
  • Solar Flares
    • Solar flares will cause hull damage in addition to starting fires. Make sure your shields are up to help mitigate this effect.
  • System Damage
    • If a System fully breaks due to fire or boarders, the hull also takes one damage.
  • Targets
    • Prioritize your targeting in combat. Weapons and Shields are usually the best choice, but if they're fleeing, hit their Engines or Piloting to prevent escape.
  • Upgrades
    • Don't forget to upgrade your ship! Often, shields are the highest priority, but don't underestimate the usefulness of subsystems.
  • Weapons
    • You can queue up an attack before the weapon is charged. It will fire when it's charged.
  • Weapon Order
    • Rearrange a weapon or drone schematic by dragging it into the desired position. The left-most slot will be the last to power down if the system is damaged.

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