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Spoiler warning: The following contains spoilers for the game. Continue at your own risk if you do not mind ruining some fun of the game.
This is a Random Event. Occurs in:
  1. Zoltan Homeworlds
    at a non-distress beacon. The Long-Range Scanners will detect Map icon diamond yellow no ship presence

This event can unlock the Zoltan Cruiser.

An unarmed Zoltan transport vessel is slowly making its way toward the beacon here. They hail: "This is a Zoltan peace envoy. We carry no weapons or shielding and rely on the mercy of others to communicate our message."

  1. Attack them.
    • You charge your weapons - not that this will take much.
      • Fight the ship.
        • (When the ship surrenders) They are clearly not putting up a fight. Are you sure you want to destroy them?
          1. Finish them off.
            • You continue the assault.
          2. Let them go.
            • You power down your weapons and after a time the ship slowly limps away. They refuse all communications. You can't help but feel somewhat guilty.
        • (After destroying enemy ship) You can't help but feel somewhat guilty as you search through the debris. It was probably a trap... right?
        • (After killing enemy crew) You begin to strip their ship and don't find anything that would indicate they were on anything other than a peaceful mission. Perhaps you were too hasty.
    • Just as you're preparing to attack you detect a nearby jump signature. A Zoltan defense ship comes to their aid!
      • Fight the ship.
        • (After destroying enemy ship) You defeat your assailant, but the peace ship has jumped away in the commotion.
        • (After killing enemy crew) You defeat your assailant, but the peace ship has jumped away in the commotion.
  2. Hear them out.
    • They continue. "We take your silence for interested contemplation." They talk at length about peace and harmony, but either it's beyond your simple mind or it's all nonsense.
      1. Continue...
        • They finish: "Please, spread the word of enlightenment to those that have not heard. Once you have, contact our brethren." They transmit coordinates of their so-called "brethren".
  3. Leave.
    • The galaxy is at war - there's no time for talk of peace. You leave their hails unanswered and charge the jump drive.
      • Nothing happens.

Quest MarkerEdit

You arrive at the location specified by the peace-loving Zoltan, but the only thing nearby is a Rebel ship, closing in fast! "We've found you! You're not getting away this time!"

  1. Attack.
    • You power your weapons and prepare to fight.
  2. Attempt to hail them.
    • They open communications: "I can't imagine there's anything you could say that will save you. The rebellion must destroy those that are still loyal to the obsolete Federation."
      1. "Perhaps there could be a reconciliation of our ideals without war?"
        • "Our ideals are too different to be so easily reconciled. You think this could end any way but war?"
          1. The galaxy is huge, you can find a place for your ideals elsewhere without causing this destruction.
            • "No! We will not be consigned to the backwaters of space just because we don't fit into your 'Federation ideals'" They charge.
          2. True progress can only be achieved without bloodshed.
            • Suddenly all indications of the Rebel ship fade away and a Zoltan fleet appears around your ship. The captain of the ship you met previously materializes on your bridge.
              1. Continue...
                • "Although your methods are crude and most certainly ineffective, it is clear you took our previous meeting to heart. If your ship represents the Federation's willingness to adapt we shall do what we can to aid in their fight."
                  • You unlock the Zoltan Cruiser, and depending on whether you're playing the vanilla game or Advanced Edition:
                    • (Vanilla) You receive a high amount of scrap and a weapon.
                    • (AE) One of the following occurs:
                      • "I will personally assist." A Zoltan named Envoy joins your crew, with maxed skill in all areas.
                      • "This technology should aid your quest." Your ship receives the Zoltan Shield augment.
      2. "Surrender. Your ultimate destruction is inevitable. We've left scores of Rebels destroyed in our wake."
        • They shut off communications and immediately engage.
      3. "Your Rebellion is causing millions of deaths. Your beliefs are dividing the galaxy. Unity is the only option!"
        • "Humans are treated as 'equal' to aliens in the weak Federation. The sacrifice of BILLIONS of alien or human lives are justified if it means we reach our full potential!" They charge.

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