aka The Italian Slavic Jew

  • I live in Bronx, NYC, US (duh), Earth (even more duh), Milky Way galaxy (are you really that oblivious?), whichever universe we are in (I give up!)
  • I was born on February 1
  • My occupation is Part-time heisting, general badassery.
  • I am Totally not drunk
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    Ghrulls: tough, tall and muscular beings who look like something straight out of a fantasy book, these sturdy and intimidating beings are actually quite peaceful. They are good mechanics and engineers, and preffer negotiation over violence. Their name comes from the grunting sounds they often make when alarmed. 

    these beings have an almost orc-like or demon-like appearance, with a tough, sturdy build, and brownish or grayish-green skin. they usually are seen hopping around the galaxy, purchasing, experimenting with, and selling technologies they find.


    -25% damage done in combat

    -20% movement speed

    +30 health

    +50% more damage done to enemy systems when boarding

    +20% repair speed


    Hive-minded parasitic worms, similar to the slug, thou…

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