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  • FtwLasers

    For now, let's just quietly avoid talking about how we have no active admins and how nothing to correct that is being done. In the meantime, what to do about all these candidates for deletion? Because I've encountered, on several occasions, newbie contributors that will still add content to a deletion candidate. Now, usually their contributions are badly-formatted and insubstantial, so it hardly matters, but occasionally, they'll put in stuff that isn't yet on the real page, which means I have to check every time just to make sure.

    So we need a workaround way of correcting this, since we all know that no pages will be deleted anytime soon. I've noticed in the past that some editors would simply erase all content from the page and add a redire…

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  • FtwLasers

    As of AE, a lot of people have been contributing, which is nice, after a broad and accepting fashion. However, as important as updated information is, tidiness and readability are arguably just as important. Thus, I here compose this: A basic tutorial for the creation or editing of Event pages. To those meaning to contribute to the wikia: Use this as a reference. For other kinds of pages, other formats apply, but it is particularly necessary for Event pages to have a uniform, pre-established format since they make up the majority of pages on this wikia. Instructional comments will be notated as --comment goes here-- however they should not be used on real pages.

    This is a Random Event. Occurs in: --These 2 phrases should be manually typed o…

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  • FtwLasers

    Grammar Nazism

    March 17, 2014 by FtwLasers

    Lately, I've been having to salvage a lot of nonsensical or otherwise badly-done edits. I find little pleasure in it, and apologize if it appears as if I am simply nitpicking. To the contrary, the public, who so value our wikias, expect a certain degree of quality, that, if absent, may turn them off to the venue. In service to the public, things should be in order, correct to the best of our knowledge, and at least spelled correctly.

    If you don't know how to format your edits correctly, google it. If you don't know how to spell something, google it. If you don't know how to convey your thoughts clearly, or otherwise are unsure of the validity of your edit in general, do all of us a favor and seriously consider not posting; put it in the com…

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  • FtwLasers

    The upcoming free update to FTL has been on my mind much of late, and the more I wonder, the more unsure I become of my initial enthusiasm about the update. Firstly, on a trivial note, the announcement used the frustrating taboo term "early" to describe the release date: Neither a date nor a month nor a season, it is a word that, in such circles, tends to mean 'any date between now and juuuuust before we get halfway through the year', and at worst, a non-committal, vague, and easily retractable way of saying 'someday'.

    Besides that, though, is the blatantly pressing matter of balance. As a disclaimer, I applaud the effort that went into balancing the game thus far; most layouts have clear advantages and disadvantages comparative to one anot…

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