For now, let's just quietly avoid talking about how we have no active admins and how nothing to correct that is being done. In the meantime, what to do about all these candidates for deletion? Because I've encountered, on several occasions, newbie contributors that will still add content to a deletion candidate. Now, usually their contributions are badly-formatted and insubstantial, so it hardly matters, but occasionally, they'll put in stuff that isn't yet on the real page, which means I have to check every time just to make sure.

So we need a workaround way of correcting this, since we all know that no pages will be deleted anytime soon. I've noticed in the past that some editors would simply erase all content from the page and add a redirect link: I'll concede to that method's effectiveness, but in the meantime we have a bunch of big empty pages, which makes the wikia look a little disorderly. Perhaps I'm the only one to not have admitted to himself that, well, that's the reality of this wikia, but I'd like to continue believing that it isn't.

If anyone could table some additional ideas, or try to justify the one I mentioned, I think we could get a standard going, at least until the pages finally get deleted.

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