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    Who are the Rebels?

    October 23, 2012 by MA4585159

    Note: partially based on a similar post on TVTropes.

    I'd like to note that the Rebels (or some of them) seem to be extremely racist. In the quest that allows oyu to get the Zoltan ship, if you choose the Stop this! You're killing everyone! dialogue option, they'll respond something like:

    No. It doesn't matter how many innocent people, human or otherwise, we kill. Humans must unlock their full potential; the Federation treats all races as equal! 14/88 human supremacy NOW DIE FEDERATION SCUM!!

    One more reason to hate the Rebels, besides being arrogant pricks, marauding bandits and changing a working galactic federation into a chaotic something else.

    15 days ago by Moomington

    So, from the start: who are the Rebels?

    We know they possess an arsenal of …

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