I just got FTL. My first ship was "The Original", with crew members Sir Average, Norman Normal, and Lady Lacking. My ship exploded in the first or second sector. Then, I played with "The Failure", another Kestrel, with the Failure family. I got an Engi from a slaver, another engi from a random event, then everybody died. My third and current ship, "FSS Dead", with Corpse, Body, and Stiff, got a Zoltan, then due to some hull breaches (one of which is still there and isolated) and some annoying boarders, the three humans lived up to their names and died. I've managed to get through with Long-Ranged Sensors that I got from somewhere, but I have been forced into battles occasionally. This third Kestrel may live now, but I tell you, it's doomed.

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