I was on my Rock Cruiser C, trying to find the Ancient Device and activate it to unlock the Crystal Cruiser, but instead of finding the Rock Homeworlds I found the Mantis Homeworlds. I had had a level 2 clonebay since the third beacon in sector 1, and there was a store one jump away from the start of the Mantis Homeworlds that sold a teleporter. I was obsessing about the various ways in which I could brutally murder KazaaakplethKilik's crew when I find the first hostile encounter in the sector: Kazaaakplethkilik himself. I noticed that he had two layers of shield, and was about to power up my Swarm missiles when I remembered that I had an Ion Blast Mk. II. That was shot at the shields while my crew fended off a boarder (only one, this is sector 4) and my Heavy Crystal Mk. I damaged the rest of the crew. After the boarder was dealt with and the injured rest of the crew finished healing, I sent my spare Rockman and my Crystalline Being into their medbay, locked it down, and destroyed it. The lockdown was still in effect wen this finished, so I shot the Heavy Crystal Mk. I at the weapons room where the entire crew was trying to break into the medbay. When the lockdown wore off they entered. It was a close match, but thanks to the Heavy Crystal Mk. I my crew just barely survived longer. My teleporter had cooled down long before this and my clonebay was completely intact, so I brought the captain back to life and unlocked the Mantis Cruiser. Kazaaak was better at manning the Engines than my previous engineer had been, so I put Kazaaak there instead. Well wasn't that great?

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