Mantis B is so powerful... I had level 8 shields, some high level engine, etc., etc. I had a Defense Drone Mk. II and the boarding drone I started with, and two Rockmen plus my starting two Mantis for boarding. I had a wonderful Engi pilot, Slug shield-guy, and Zoltan weapons-master. I had a Stun bomb (which I never ended up using) and a Hull Laser Mk. II. I also had Zoltan Shield Bypass, Mantis Pheromones, and Scrap Recovery Arm. I was quite lucky, I have to say, but the fact that it was on a Mantis B (my first one, actually) helped a good bit. From the first beacon of sector 8 until the second stage of the Flagship, I took no damage. The second stage's drone swarm inflicted one point of hull damage. The third stage's 8-shot superweapon was annoying, but my drone reduced the shots to 7 and my shields further weakened it to 3. A good load of the shots also missed, so it really only damaged me when the normal 3-shot laser shot at the same time. I had Zoltan Shield Bypass, so it wasn't hard at all to disable the missiles, the shields, the piloting. I had killed all but one of the crewmembers by the power of my hacking and the Flagship's medbay cooperating, so I met no resistance. My laser got several shots in before the super-shield recharged, and I managed to accidentally set the empty room I was shooting at on fire, so it only had 2 hull left by the time I knocked the shield down the second time. The third stage's mind control was a bit annoying, but by virtue of my four-person teleporter I destroyed the mind control and missile weapon in one launch, so it bothered me no further. On the first stage, my weapons were hacked, so I destroyed the hacking after taking down the entire crew (except for that guy in the laser cockpit) because my weapons would be of consequence as soon as I got the shields and evasion down. Long story short, I got the Slug Cruiser through my first alt unlock on my iPad.