I've been looking through Category:Candidates for deletion, and noticed many pages that are really irregular soft redirects. This really annoys me. People should know to use the proper redirect syntax, and use it: "#REDIRECT [[pagename]]" will redirect any visitor to that page to the page "pagename" automatically. And I've also noticed some fully functional redirects that still have {{delete}} on them! I hate that even more! Please don't do that! I have to do far too much clicking. Save me the trouble by replacing the ENTIRE PAGE with "#REDIRECT [[pagename]]" so I don't have redirects, soft or hard, in Category:Candidates for deletion. Because Category:Candidates for deletion is for stuff that needs to be deleted, not fixed. It doesn't take an admin to fix stuff. It only takes you. So you fix stuff instead of making it a candidate for deletion. Deletion is for pages with no use.

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