Our wiki seems to be out of touch with the FTL-playing community at large. As one player, I know I am. I visited the official forums about twice. It is less excusable for the wiki to be so detached.

We should start a section of the wiki to address more of the community around the game. For instance: what's the modding community like? After reading JAlbor's interview mention a modding community, I wanted to find out more. To my shame, one of the first Google results I found was at A completely different wiki!

We have links to a couple unofficial IRC channels on the main page, but what about Reddit/r/ftlgame? What about the Official Forums or Twitter? What about that other wiki?


Update: I forgot one of the biggest community issues we've already seen here: fan-fiction. I'm not necessarily talking about 50 Shades of Grey stuff, either. The roguelike "fill in your own backstory" nature of FTL really lends itself to interesting interpretations and vignettes. We have great comments in relevant articles about amusing experiences in the game, so maybe we don't need any more than our current comment system. Either way, the FTL wiki doesn't have a place for elaborate fanfic articles, and I don't know where that place would be online. We should at least be able to point people looking for it in the right direction if it isn't here.

Some details: There was at least one case of a contributor adding a detailed character-driven fanfic story to the wiki under "Cpt. Elnubnub". Consensus was that the article wasn't appropriate for an informative wiki like this. The article content was edited out and the article marked for deletion. I'm not personally a fan of this kind of fiction, but this context makes the Elnubnub teaser video hilarious to me.

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