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    When you're screwed

    April 8, 2015 by WesselPot

    What was the last time you were screwed in the game? Please post a screenshot for the Ipad version and a printscreen for the computer version.

    Mine was when I had finally killed all the crew of the rebel flagship with the Slug Cruister type B. I thought: "Ow, I suppose I've beaten the game." Never was I so wrong. (It was the first time beating the Flagship, so I didn't know of the AI. Almost all of my crew were on that ship (lucky me had a clone bay), and my teleporter was a level 1. So slowly, all the guns started rebooting. First the laser, no problemo. But then, the rockets came back online. And that's where the real trouble started. My ship only had like 8 hull points left, so I was kinda fucked.

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