• Zabing12

    Wkipedia FTL

    June 24, 2014 by Zabing12

    My english may be bad.     

    So, After doing this over email with my freinds, I had thought that this would be a good idea. This is moddeled after twitch tv.

    The game starts like this; I will be playing FTL, and I will ask the wiki a question a day (I live in hawaii, so I am six hours behind) like "What is the name of the ship?" or "Name a character." Everyone will post what they want, and The most votes for a name wins. When ship creation is finished, We will begin the game. then we will go through the adventure, and I will tell everyone what is going on. I will not be doing battles and such, because that takes too long. But like going into stations and buying things, or making deals with slugs.

    I hope this is an enjoyable thing, And please n…

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