aka Carlo

  • I live in Croatia
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is Playing FTL all day long
  • I am Male
  • ZeMan

    Rockmen learning FAST

    May 3, 2014 by ZeMan

    So, I was just wondering around in the galaxy minding my own business.

    When I saw my Rock crew (I was using the Rock Cruiser) gaining skills VERY fast...

    By the end of the first sector, they almost got they're system skills maxed up, so I dont know if this is just me or something else, but sure is awesome...

    So remember, Rock Cruiser is awesome (by design, crew, weaponry...)

    And Rocks are good aswell I must say

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  • ZeMan

    FTL for Android?

    May 2, 2014 by ZeMan

    ...the FTL releases for Android devices, not just for iPad and apple stuff?

    How about we dont have to pay 500$ for some iPad, since almost all of us have Androids? Im sure everyone wants FTL for the Android, am I right?

    Please Subset Games, make an Adnroid version of FTL, please? :D

    Its really useless what Im doing here, but Im sure everyone would like it

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  • ZeMan

    So I was just minding my own business with the boardes from the previous jump

    When suddenly...

    This appeared.

    Since I was playing with Fed Cruiser C, I was able to kill it of pretty easy (he lied) and loot it.

    This happened in a refugee event...

    Dont you love it? A big scary ship with only 2 shield bars and cloak.

    I suck at doing this "blog" thingies

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